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Disposable E-Cigarette Price Comparison

Disposable E-Cigarette Price Comparison
White Cloud Flings are lightweight, high-quality disposable electronic cigarettes that last about as long as 40 regular cigarettes. Flavor options include everything from the mild smoothness of tobacco to sweet, tangy fruit flavors and unique combinations with rich, satisfying undertones. Flings also come in an array of nicotine strength levels, including light, full, extra and double extra, making it easier than ever to create a customized vaping experience.

The Cost of E-Cigs: What’s the White Cloud Difference?

Though our Fling disposable e-cigarette is widely known and loved for its quality, premium flavor selection and “real” cigarette feel, another important distinction lies in our pricing. For example, this summer’s wholesale disposable e-cigarette sale puts White Cloud Flings at the top of the list when it comes to getting the most for your money. For example, take a look at prices and quantities offered by other e-cig companies compared to ours:

Fling and Blu e-cig Price Comparison
Blu Cigs: Their package of only four disposable e-cigs (available in only two flavors) costs $39.95. At $39.95 for a 10 Pack of Flings with White Cloud, you’re looking at a potential savings of hundreds of dollars per year.

Fling and NJOY e-cig Price Comparison
NJOY: At $26.97 for a package of only three of their disposables, NJOY charges three times as much per e cig as compared to White Cloud’s exclusive sale price.

Fling and V2 W-cig Price Comparison
V2 Cigs: Disposables from V2 Cigs are among some of the priciest on the market for a product that only comes in two flavors. While our Fling 10 Pack deal gets you ten of your favorite disposable e-cigs for less than $40, ten of theirs will set you back $54.95.

Fling e-cigs instead of ashtrayThe Superior Product at the Right Price

Though we at White Cloud know the value and quality of our products speak for themselves, we encourage our customers to research the differences for themselves. Whether you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on other brands and want to finally find the right e-cigarette for you or you’ve already discovered a favorite among our selection, we are committed to ensuring that you always get the most for your money and are 100 percent satisfied with your every purchase.


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