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What is a Fling disposable E-Cigarette?

What are Disposable

Disposable electronic cigarettes are an inexpensive way to have a smoke-free Fling without commitment.

Disposable e-cigarette strengths and flavors

Choose Your Favorite Flavor & Find the Right Strength

We offer a wide variety of flavors and strengths to suit everyone, from heavy smokers to occasional dabblers.

Disposable e-cigarette price comparison

Disposable E-Cig
Price Comparison

Everyone knows about the cost savings of switching to e-cigs, but did you know you could save even more with Flings?

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Newbie To Disposable E Cigarettes?

Interested in trying electronic cigarettes, but concerned about the up-front investment? If so, you may consider trying disposable electronic cigarettes, which allow new users to experience the benefits of this advanced technology without committing to a long term arrangement. [click to continue…]

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The Fling Wide Mini: A Disposable E-Cig Like No Other

White Cloud is excited to announce the release of one of our most innovative products to date: the Fling Wide Mini! This new disposable e-cigarette line is “nothing like anything currently on the market” as noted by Vapor Voice Magazine.

Big Flavor + Big Vapor = White Cloud’s Fling Wide Mini

White Cloud's Fling Wide Mini

Good things really do come in small packages! White Cloud’s Fling Wide Mini gives you more e-liquid, 2x the vapor and twice the life in half the size compared to any other disposable e-cigarette on the market. The new Fling Wide Mini delivers BIG flavor and BIG vapor through a super quick and easy draw, which means no more sucking for your life! With just one quick draw, you can enjoy the flavors you love with the vapor you crave from the very first puff to the last!

[click to continue…]

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No E-cigs in Checked Baggage? No problem!

This week the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has told all U.S. airlines that e-cigarettes need to be banned from checked baggage.

The FAA is reacting to a bulletin from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that described “several” instances of overheating and fires caused by e-cig heating elements being activated when e-cig devices were stored in checked baggage. They feel that if an e-cig malfunctions in carryon luggage, the problem can be immediately addressed, unlike what would happen if the e-cigs were sadly abandoned in someone’s checked luggage. [click to continue…]

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Have a Cheap Fling & Save on E-cigs!

Can’t commit to an e-cig kit? Do we have a deal for you!

If you haven’t had a Fling, now is the best time to start one – or 10.  Hurry to save on Fling disposable e-cigs. (That’s 10 Flings for only $39.95!) [click to continue…]

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