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What is a Fling disposable E-Cigarette?

What are Disposable

Disposable electronic cigarettes are an inexpensive way to have a smoke-free Fling without commitment.

Disposable e-cigarette strengths and flavors

Choose Your Favorite Flavor & Find the Right Strength

We offer a wide variety of flavors and strengths to suit everyone, from heavy smokers to occasional dabblers.

Disposable e-cigarette price comparison

Disposable E-Cig
Price Comparison

Everyone knows about the cost savings of switching to e-cigs, but did you know you could save even more with Flings?

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Newbie To Disposable E Cigarettes?

Newbie To Disposable E Cigarettes?

Interested in trying electronic cigarettes, but concerned about the up-front investment? If so, you may consider trying disposable electronic cigarettes, which allow new users to experience the benefits of this advanced technology without committing to a long term arrangement. [click to continue…]

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Can’t commit to an e-cig kit? Do we have a deal for you!

If you haven’t had a Fling, now is the best time to start one – or 10. It’s Fling-A-Friend time again! Hurry to save $10 on 10 Fling disposable e-cigs. (That’s 10 Flings for only $29.99!) [click to continue…]

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Having a Fling is super easy. Our Fling disposable e-cigarettes are long lasting and inexpensive – but certainly not cheap! With the Fling, you don’t have to sacrifice e-cig flavor for e-cig convenience.

Some people are Fling purists and will not stray, while some rechargeable e-cig users will also keep Flings on hand for certain events. Since you can put one in your pocket and go, there are countless places where a Fling comes in handy.

Here is our top 5: [click to continue…]

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